Growth Marketing A Complete Guide 2018

growth marketing


‘’Growth marketing drives increased user engagement by extending the boundaries of the product into marketing channels”.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

–    James Cash Penney, Founder of US Retail giant, JCPenney

The two key points of Growth Marketing

What do growth marketers do?

Growth marketers want to make their customer indulge in their product. They will look for only their products, not of others.

*How do they do it?

They do this by managing their product marketing channels properly and efficiently. e.g. Electronic mails or by mobile messages.

Who needs growth marketing?

  1. For the startups:

The startups. Because they need to make their strong and steady position in the market rapidly through taking smart and wisely actions.

Growth Marketing has strategies to help startups by determining how to boost up the business very quickly.

Whether growth marketing is right for you or not?

grwoth hacking - Growth Marketing A Complete Guide 2018

  1. Having a single and clear goal:

Growth marketing is a good approach for any business that has a single goal. The business having one and clear goal can be achieved much effectively than having multiple and unclear goals.

The strategies of growth marketing can be used more easily for the single goal more and quickly as compared to multiple and unclear goals.  Setting priorities to the goal related tasks is also easy.

Qualities of Successful Growth Marketers

data driven - Growth Marketing A Complete Guide 2018

  1. Data Driven

Growth marketer should be capable of going deep into the data and analyze how to make strategies according to the given data.

  1. Creative:

The Growth marketer should more creative to do their tasks.

  1. Product Focused

Before making product selling strategies, the Growth marketer needs to understand the product firstly by himself, what the product is and how it can give benefit to society.

  1. Posses a Hacker Mentality

The Growth marketer should be a jack of all trades. He should learn all type of skills to get value.

  1. Has No Fear of Failure

The Growth marketer should not have a fear of failure. if he gets fail in any strategy he should make another one. but don’t lose hope.

  1. Can Juggle Multiple Responsibilities

The Growth marketer should be capable of manage multiple responsibilities.

Growth hacking tricks for website traffic

growth hacking ticks - Growth Marketing A Complete Guide 2018

Following are some growth hacking tricks to get more traffic on your website.

  1. Keep your homepage minimal

Keep your homepage content minimum to attract users and get traffic.

  1. Trade resources for information

The good example of this is HubSpot’s, Marketing Grader.

What does it do?

It takes user’s details and in return, it gives you their own automated report on quality marketing of their website.

  1. Survey your users

take the surveys on surveying tools and analyze what are the user’s problems and what questions do they have while opening a website.

  1. Build landing pages

Building landing pages can lead to getting more traffic on the website. By doing this, the landing pages must be attractive.

  1. Use paid ads to test headlines and images

Add paid ads to your landing pages to engage your user and test the pages. such as PPC and Facebook ads or affiliate links.

  1. Remove landing page links

The navigation links should not be placed in landing pages. Or just remove the footer to avoid distracting users.

Guiding principles for growth marketing

Nowadays, every business needs to do growth marketing for their business. As it has become trending to make their business alive in the market. they motive is a long run business and do proper planning to make it alive. For doing this, they need growth marketers to market their business.

There are some guiding principals for the growth marketers if which they adopt they can go in a better direction and run successful marketing channels to some extent.

The principals are not only limited for the industries, organizations, but for every type of business.

1: Focus on revenue

⦁              Every business has one main single and common goal. Which is the increase in revenue? the growth marketers should focus on how to increase the business revenue within less time and cost.

⦁              Some businesses have different goals but not this goal.  They want something else instead of this. e.g. more customers, more deals, more customer satisfaction, etc.

⦁              If there is any other goal which a client wants to make focus, the growth marketers should focus on that goal rather than on how to increase the business revenue.

⦁              The growth marketers run different campaigns and sessions for increasing the business revenue.

  1. Fail Quickly and Iterate

⦁              Growth marketers should recognize the black holes in the business. After recognizing, they should make a strategy which is helpful to overcome those black holes.

⦁              Growth marketers should also develop the alternative strategies so that if one strategy goes to fail, the other can compensate that failure.

⦁              if you see the strategy is not working or not according to the client’s expectation then leave that strategy and make another one.

⦁              It is not like growth hacking. the successful strategies of grow marketing do not make successful at once. they need to adjust multiple times to fulfill the business goal.


Todays’s future of every business is growth marketing to make businesses alive and sustainable. It is both a mixture of growth hacking and traditional marketing. it is used to help business owners that how can they achieve their goal in the competitive market.

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