Ahrefs VS KWfinder [A Complete Review 2018]

ahrefs vs kwfinder review

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We know that Google has become sophisticated more than ever and now getting a good ranking for websites has become quite simpler. Gone are the days when Google could be fooled by chicaneries, trickeries and other shenanigans for ranking websites.

These are the times when great content and sharing is the key to getting good ranking of your website on search engine results. And for this approach, we have ‘keyword search’ in its core.

There are many SEO  & Competitor analysis tools out there which can help you optimize your website, but these tools cannot help you in writing good content. Right? However, you can take help of tools to get to the core part i-e keyword search.

Tools can help and guide you with choosing content topics more strategically. They can also help you in finding people and sites who are more likely to share it with their data analytics.

Ahrefs vs KWfinder

In this article, we will compare two popular keyword search tools. The layout of this article is as follows:


  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons


  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

Final Thoughts

  • Ahrefs

ahrefs title - Ahrefs VS KWfinder [A Complete Review 2018]

  • Introduction:

Ahrefs is a powerful tool which is heavily loaded for SEO. It is highly useful for position tracking, keyword research, backlink analysis, competitive analysis, technical SEO, on-page optimization, content planning, link building, organic traffic analysis, and much more. Its Backlink database makes it distinguished and distinctive from other tools. Ahref’s ability to crawl enables it to find all the backlinks and mentions across the web which other tools miss.

The Content Explorer tool adds distinctiveness to Ahref. You can get comprehensive information using the content tool.

  • Features

ahrefs site explorer - Ahrefs VS KWfinder [A Complete Review 2018]

Here is a list of features which Ahref extends:

  • Rich backlink database which has the most powerful SEO web crawler
  • keyword mention and search is quick and comprehensive
  • SEO toolbar chrome extension
  • Keyword database
  • PPC Database (PPC: pay-per-click text)
  • Through domain rank, you can see a ranking of your website compared to another website by backlink quality

ahref persks - Ahrefs VS KWfinder [A Complete Review 2018]

ahrefs tools - Ahrefs VS KWfinder [A Complete Review 2018]

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  • You can analyse various metrics and graphs for SEO as well as PPC (pay per click) and social media data
  • It extends a wide range of features as mentioned above. They enable you to optimize your website to maximum length.
  • With Ahref, you can track and monitor your keywords. Similarly, you can follow and watch the ranking of your website as well.
  • It applies advanced filtering options in its search
  • It conducts SERP analysis with the help of SERP features
  • Through advanced search option, you can get information about competitor’s top visited pages.
  • Ahref is quite easy to use. You can view all backlink data in one view. Also, you can view comparison with other backlink tools in a glance.
  • Additional SEO features (keyword research tool, rank checker etc.) make Ahref more desirable.
  • Its backlink database enables the user to track all the mentions of the keyword.

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  • The fact that Ahref is quite pricey pose few constraints to its usability. As compared to other tools for keyword search, we found Ahref to be bit expensive.
  • It does not extend any collaboration with Google Analytics or Search Console
  • Keyword suggestions lack relevancy. Due to this, you need to sort results as per your requirements.

  • KWFinder

kwfinder - Ahrefs VS KWfinder [A Complete Review 2018]

  • Introduction:

Keyword search has never been this simple and elegant as it has become with the help of KW Finder. It is an excellent keyword research tool which keeps a comprehensive data set and extends the freedom of providing everything related to keyword search in one place. Although KW Finder is a paid tool for the searching keyword; but when we compare its features with its price; it seems like a free tool. Its user interface is very simple and user-friendly which makes it quite intuitive to use for novices.

  • Features

site profiler kwfinder - Ahrefs VS KWfinder [A Complete Review 2018]

  • KW Finder is very simple. The user interface is very easy and intuitive. These make it a user-friendly tool.
  • Not only its interface is user-friendly, but also the functionality it performs is also elegant and sophisticated.
  • KW Finder presents a one-click keyword difficulty score system. Some of its unique and advanced features are exclusive.
  • KW Finder returns results of alternative research options to give you a variety of different mix of results.
  • It allows you to look for question-based keywords on your query/seed keyword
  • You can apply filters on a keyword search by location (can be Country, State, City), language, searches (monthly search volume average), PPC Competition (Competitiveness of a keyword), CPC  (cost per click), Words (numbers of words in a keyword), and so on.
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  • Pros

  • KW Finder is the user-friendly and the most intuitive UI of any keyword research tool available out there
  • Full database houses keyword search and analysis
  • With the help of advanced search, you can research unique keywords
  • The support system is quite quick and of high-quality
  • One of the keyword research tools which comes at a low price but extends a wide range of features.

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  • Cons

  • You cannot do unlimited searches. KW Finder limits heavy users.
  • KW Finder does not extend the freedom of customizing SERP checker preview
  • With KW finder, it is not possible to research multi-tabbed keyword.
  • KW Finder lacks advanced search. This hampers you from doing a search for your competitors. KW Finder doesn’t have an option to plug in competitor URLs, which is why it cannot do competitor keyword research.

keyword research kwfinder - Ahrefs VS KWfinder [A Complete Review 2018]
keyword research kwfinder

Final Thoughts:

Getting traffic for your website is one heck of a job. However, SEO and keywords have made it simple to attract traffic. You can have great content but it is of no use if the keyword you have chosen is over-used and has a high competition. with the help of keyword research tools, you can discover a strong and powerful keyword which can attract a lot of traffic.