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Are you planning to monetize with an Amazon Affiliate Site? Do you think monetizing to an Amazon Affiliate Site will help you earn a good living?

Yes, you are right, but to a certain extent. Taking part in this program is not only easy, but you can start monetizing your site within minutes. Moreover, you can earn good living involving least resources.

But don’t be fascinated by this overdramatized scene. Get the full picture with this post. In this post, I will clarify your misconceptions and give you a true picture. I will highlight the main reasons why monetizing with an Amazon affiliate site is a good option. On the other hand, I will enlist reasons why it could be a mistake for you. Moreover, you may overlook at the three best examples of Amazon Affiliate sites in the global world.

So, roll on your sleeves and let’s start

What Is An Amazon Affiliate Website?


Very simple! Any site that signs up to the Amazon affiliate program becomes an Amazon affiliate site. So, if you want to become one too, sign up for free and start placing Amazon product on your site. Every time a visitor clicks on your site and make a purchase from Amazon, you get a commission.

Through this process, you can earn high revenues on Amazon Affiliate Sites. Isn’t it simple?

Don’t be overwhelmed with this scenario; it’s not so easy to earn a good living. It’s easy to sign up, but the difficult part is yet to come; attract customers and earn revenue. You need customers, you need traffic, and you need those visitors that buy products. Below I am highlighting certain suggestion through which you may increase your CTR:

  • The products you advertise on your site should match the content of your site.
  • Don’t be attracted by ads; too many of them could demotivate your customers.
  • Don’t rush; be patient you will not turn a billionaire overnight.
  • Post reviews of products from the customers’ view; getting buyer intent content could become a noteworthy act for your site.

Reasons You Should Start An Amazon Affiliate Site for affiliate marketing career

Are you ready to monetize your site with Amazon affiliate program? If no, then the following reasons would serve on better grounds:

  • Easy to start: As I have mentioned earlier; all you have to do is to sign up to their program and enjoy commissions.
  • Once you have established your footing on this platform, you can earn a good living in the long term.
  • You have access to a variety of options; now choosing the right product is your task.
  • Amazon cookie is your all-time partner; you can gain income from other products too.
  • Review posts are easy to create and help you attract heavy traffic.

If it’s so simple, why have you not opted for this option yet?

Best Examples Of Amazon Affiliate Sites



In 2011, Brian Lam founded Wirecutter and today it provides useful buying guides for readers so they may choose the best product. Wirecutter not only creates in-depth content but intensive research and testing is their niche. Today, it is among the most revenue generating sites that inspire others to imitate. Their in-depth content is not a fascination for the readers, and users but is creating a concerning issue for their competitors too. Moreover, they enjoy 11.4k referring domains and a good range of Facebook and Twitter fans. Furthermore, they have expanded their operations with another sister company ‘Sweethome,’ which is performing highly compatible likewise Wirecutter.

Wirecutter includes a ‘callout,’ of their best options at the end of the review, and at the runners-up (top of the article). This strategy has built trust; the users not only rely on their opinion and get the right information within less time duration. Thus, they are not only competitive but attract customers, attain heavy traffic and enjoy good conversion rate. They have not only built repute among their customers but also trust.

Would you rate them a five star?

Snap Creative


Snap Creative is a creative site that focuses on arts and crafts, DIY and home décor. They also give tips on how you can start your own blogging site. DIY is ruling the world today; there are new trends and gossip about home décor through DIY ways. Thus, it can be said they have selected the best niche.

Moreover, they have chosen the right affiliate links throughout their posts. This makes them compatible and competitive in the eyes of consumers and Google too. Within their site, they are offering a wide variety of products to their users. Most of these products have a low cost, thus, a good increase in the conversion rate.

Moreover, their site content is just awesome and inspiring. It not only fits well with the blog theme and site design, but its presentation creates an overwhelmed situation. The user gets involved within the site. Furthermore, the right selection of images and social shares on Pinterest generate heavy traffic and good revenues.


NerdWallet started its operation as a credit card comparison blogging company, but today it’s a popular personal finance site. It serves over 11 million visitors, 108k Facebook fans, and 53k twitter followers. It not only publishes exceptional content but helps the credit cards, insurance program and investment users chose the best. All the information present within its reviews, comparison, and blog posts are informative and useful. Since it’s a financial site thus, all the content it presents is relatable.  NerdWallet creates a good backlink profile and earns approx. $800k through a partnership with different financial services.

They have grown from a small company to one of the most successful financial company.  If they can, why can’t you?

You just need the right attitude and aptitude to be successful. But before you believe that Amazon affiliate sites own a magic key, then you are surely on the wrong track. Let’s get some things clear

Reasons You Should Not Start An Amazon Affiliate Site

If you are a newbie and are fascinated with Amazon affiliate site; my suggestion is “don’t be obsessed.”  You cannot earn a good handsome earning by posting reviews. Take it as your side partner, but completely relying on it would cost you a lot. Now let’s look at some of its limitations:

You cannot rule unless you have full control

You must be aware that Amazon doesn’t let you be your own boss. Amazon can pull the plug on its affiliate program any time and can exclude your product category from its affiliate program. Moreover, its revised affiliate commission rate can cost you a lot of bugs. Thus, monetizing to amazon affiliating programs is alike; you are standing and decorating a bridge that may crash at any time.

Your effort and money are dependent on ‘cookie period.’

Like seriously! You make all the effort, create outstanding content, generate traffic and send your visitors to Amazon. In the end, if the “cookie time period limit’ crosses 24 hours; you get nothing, all your efforts are in vain.

Commission rate is low

Why do you want to monetize your site to Amazon? To earn income, generate a good return? But, can you generate a good income, if the commission itself is very low? You need to put a lot of time, effort to attract thousands of visitors and to attain only some pennies. Moreover, Amazon has recently revised its commission structure, lowering them even further.


So what do you think now? Do you still want to monetize your site with Amazon affiliate programs? Do you think investing your efforts will bring you success?

Or would you count yourself among those who have earned a good name in the market? They earn great and have built a remarkable portfolio.

Now the decisions are yours; chose it or lose it!

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