Apple’s Marketing Strategy A Guide for Bloggers

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Did this question ever pop up in your mind that why Apple has been so successful? Despite difficult times, Apple was still able to retain its image back. There are a plethora of competitors who have emerged in the past few years but Apple’s customers are still increasing in number regardless of their high price so what is the reason behind its success? Steve Jobs once said,

“a lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”.

The truth is that a marketing strategy can enable your company to reach new heights of success or it can even put your company’s hard work in vain. It’s the way you take it hence devising a realistic and implementable marketing strategy is extremely crucial.

Apple’s Marketing Strategy

Here we are with some of Apple’s marketing strategies that will make your jaw drop:

Price doesn’t matter 

Apple has never compromised on quality and this is one of the reasons why their customers are still willing to pay a good price for their products. A blogger should never undervalue their goods if they are truly up to the mark. The quality itself is going to speak up so next time you come up with something innovative or truly amazing, show people what your product has got and good customers will never compromise on quality and will always give preference to it.

Simplicity is decency

simplicity - Apple’s Marketing Strategy A Guide for Bloggers

Apple has again proved that in order to market a product there is no need to hire celebrities, keeping things simple and decent will do the job for you. Sometimes a lot of glitter doesn’t make your product appealing. Apple’s advertisements have always been simple with no loud music to add a punch to its message and a plethora of people find it soothing for their eyes. Again, your internet offering is going to speak itself if it’s truly worth it.

Know yourself

One of the keys to achieving success is to know your brand and how you can monetize it. A lot of bloggers and internet marketers fail because they don’t know what they’re good at when they fail miserably so they end up whining and blaming their fate which doesn’t make sense.

Apple’s marketing strategy of promoting its product the right way has proved that they know what they are selling. This is one of the concepts that might be familiar to every but the sad truth is that people don’t their strengths.

We’re so busy concentrating on our shortcomings that we forget what our strengths are. If a competitor enters the market, instead of taking the opportunity to make your brand even better, individuals start to think about all the bad things that might possibly happen.

You need to empty your mind from those negative thoughts at any cost or else you’ll end up nowhere and chances are that you may work for another person for the rest of your life and regret the decision of not working on your own ideas.

Effective planning matters

planning - Apple’s Marketing Strategy A Guide for Bloggers

There is a popular saying by Winston Churchill “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”. Apple is always clear on its part as it knows what has to be done and doing this will enable it to embark on new projects in years to come. One should learn that planning is crucial and failing to do so will end you in a miserable situation. Planning may be a pain in the neck for the time being but it will surely show you its true colors.

A blogger must know what you plan to do otherwise you’ll be lost and you’ll never know what you have to do. I’m pretty certain that nobody would ever want to visualize themselves standing on that place, so it’s better to do a bit of hard-work now instead of crying later on. Always bear in mind that once the time is gone, it won’t allow you to relive in the past.

Think out of the box

think out of box - Apple’s Marketing Strategy A Guide for Bloggers

People these days are crazy after innovative things so in order to step into the market you must know what people want and if you’ve something even more appealing then you must know how to convince them. This is exactly what Apple did, it knew that it had something that’s going to astound everyone and they were successful in convincing people to buy their product. Apple’s marketing department has always been in full swing.

It knows what’s going on in the market and how to attract customers towards its products as Apple simply acts like a magnet attracting its customers to its products and truly showing them that their products are worth buying. Did our grandparents ever think that we’d be equipped with gadgets with no buttons? No, they didn’t but this is what this brand proved by introducing innovative gadgets.

Final Thoughts

Apple’s strategies have always motivated bloggers and internet marketers to excel in what they are truly good at. One simply must embark on a new journey because at the end of the day what matters is the things you’ve learned. Whether you hail from any background, always bear in mind that hard-work never goes in vain, you might feel that things are all over the place but good things are on their way.

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