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Have you heard about Local SEO tools credibility?

There is a lot of chit chat is going on about these highly effective SEO local tools.

Its usability and its importance are gaining credential all over the online world. Since the competition is heating up, creating a local search presence is getting extremely competitive; difficult for online companies to survive.

2018 has been a revolutionary ground for the online world. Every year Google updates its algorithms; making online world highly competitive ground. Thus, to compete effectively in this competitive world, you need to use the right SEO tools.

SEO tools will help you conduct keyword research, analyze competitors, track rankings, track traffic. Most importantly implement an effective content marketing strategy. It will help you create a niche in the market.

The year 2018, has become a sunrise and at the same time sunset for many local SEO tools. Some SEO tools that ruled the online market have now been extinct.

Below I am highlighting the best local SEO tools that have won hearts of millions of global users in 2018. But before we go in-depth of the article, let me give you a quick understanding of SEO tools and its importance.

Importance of Local SEO

local seo tools - BEST LOCAL SEO TOOLS FOR LOCAL SEO 2018

You must be aware that SEO is extremely important in the online world. Similarly, local SEO tools are the right-hand partners and backbone of SEO. Thus, if you want to step hard in this competitive online world, you need to enroll local SEO tools in your SEO campaign.

These credible tools will track, analyze and measure SEO efforts. If you are a newbie, small company or a mid-size company and want to create a BANG in the online world; you need to use local SEO tools. Trust me! It’s worth the effort!

Have a look what we have already covered;

A lot of companies from small to medium size enterprises have not only created brand awareness but are running successfully. Use of local SEO stogies will help you organize, and streamline your local SEO efforts. Improve your ranking and get known in the online market with the five best local SEO tools.

Categories of SEO Local Tools

There are various categories of SEO local tools, such as

Five best SEO local tools

These following local SEO tools are useful, applicable and practical; some of them are free, while some charge a small amount.

So Let’s Get Started


screaming frog tool - BEST LOCAL SEO TOOLS FOR LOCAL SEO 2018

Screaming Frog is an all-purpose, technical SEO tool; it is website crawler and auditor that give you an overall evaluation of your onsite SEO. This free SEO spider tool that helps users audit and index their website quickly. After you have downloaded the Screaming Frog, within a couple of minutes, the tool will audit all your web pages.

It will manually audit your links, images CSS scripts and Metadata and assisting you to find all broken links, 404 errors, and spot all issues. Screaming Frog is a popular and credible SEO local tool that helps users improve their local SEO ranking. It also offers advanced features and charges its users $200/year unlimited paid version.

This competent tool not only finds every page and asset on your site but extracts relevant data too. I think it’s a must try because it is the best for both onsite and technical SEO.

Moz Local:


Moz is the most popular backlink analysis and link building local SEO tool that helps users boost their local visibility of the business. It ensures that it creates a correct, consistent and visible business listing. Hence, if you want to manage, track, and optimize your online listing, Moz serves it all. Its’ instant directory and aggregator submission feature distributes your listing information to various directories. Moz knows how to monitor your reviews and rate your business on various popular sites.

Moz is known to sync all changes within your GMB profile and enhances and update listing data. So if you want to spread information across local search ecosystems; Moz local SEO tool is what you should be using.

But remember, it is not a free tool, but it is not even unaffordable. It depends on your need; price range falls between $99/year per listing to $249/year listing.

Moz is a local listing management tool that manages local listing and also notifies all errors within your citation. It is used widely across the world and is gaining popularity due to its dynamic features.

Google Search Console 

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free Google SEO tool that is also known as the Google Webmaster Tool. This incredible tool not only notifies errors on your website but offers addition key stats services. Once you have set up your account, Google will assist you. It will notify your keyword rankings, click per word, times your site show ‘search result/word’ and your click rate.

If you link your Google Search Console Account to Google Analytics Account, you will benefit with their additional services. You will be able to review keywords, click through rate, impressions, and rank of landing pages.

Google Search Console is a reliable and a free local SEO tool that crawls, indexes, and optimizes your web thoroughly. To produce effective results, it’s a best practice to log into GSC at least once a week or twice a month.


ahrefs site explorer - BEST LOCAL SEO TOOLS FOR LOCAL SEO 2018

Ahrefs, you can spy on your competitors; track their changes, and check the strength of your competitor’s backlinks. Ths SEO Tool is an industry leader for backlink data, so if you want all the link juice back; you need Ahrefs.

This tool has gained widespread popularity but offers only $99month for a starter version. Furthermore, if you want to avail their full-fledged agency plan, then it would cost you $999/ month.

Ahrefs is fast, efficient, reliable and a popular backlink local SEO tool. It is the best tool to track backlinks and track your competitor’s backlinks.

Do you think it is the right choice for you?



Whitespark ‘s Citation Finder Tool is popular for building citations, earning reviews, tracking ranking, building high-quality backup link and managing the local search. It is a full-fledged local SEO company that provides link building SEO tools and services.

Moreover, if you want to win your customers, examine your competitors and increase your ranking on various SERP’s; you need Whitespark services.

It offers a free start-up version and a $24 per month charges, but for a more premium version, you would have to pay $100 per month.

Whitespark has gained credential in the online world, and today it is one of the best SEO tools of 2018. This tool not only helps you improve your SEO ranking but recommends where you should list your business and monitors your local search ranking by city domain.

Concluding Remarks:

These five best local SEO tools of 2018 will optimize your site for local searchers, drive your local success and help you compete effectively in the online market. The above tools will not only boost your local search ranking but will increase the credibility and overall SEO of your site.

Now, it’s time to use these best SEO local tools, and check how well your site is performing.