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Facebook Ads and Google AdSense are two popular advertising platforms that are directly competing with each other. Thus, extremely difficult for users to choose one platform.

Are you going through the same confusion? Do you believe that Facebook and Google, both have the expertise to drive heavy traffic to your site?

Facebook Ads Vs. Google Adsense

To untie this confusion; let’s drive this journey to a simple and straight concept. Facebook and Google are the best advertising platforms. They are helping companies increase sales and leadership. Moreover, they will help users find new customers and increase their ROI. However, their essence may be the same, but their approach is different; thus making them unique. Google is a paid search advertising platform. On the other hand, Facebook is a paid social advertising platform.

To further clarify concepts, continue reading this post. This post will highlight Google AdSense and Facebook ads separately; focusing on their features and characteristics. Moreover, the differences of both the platform will be given in detail. In the end, the conclusion will be depicting my opinion.

Check what we have already covered on Google Ads:

So let’s get started…

Facebook Ads


Facebook is one of the biggest internet giants. Its advertising model is benefitting millions of producers, consumers, users, and businesses globally. Thus, today Facebook stands as a highly competitive platform for business strategies. It’s paid search; where businesses find their potential customers through keywords. Moreover, it’s a platform where consumers themselves approach businesses. Users themselves thoroughly search Facebook they are interested in.

Have you ever search for a brand, a company on Facebook? Do you rely on Facebook regarding its reviews?

If you ask me, I would say; “a million times.”

Now, let’s look into when and why Facebook is a good option to advertise.

Why Opt For Facebook Ads?


Facebook Ads are pioneers of paid social advertising and digital marketing strategies. Moreover, with the passage of time they have improved, modified and have become a source of inspiration. Facebook Ads are benefitting millions every day.

Here’s how

Targets global users

facebook advertising features - FACEBOOK ADS VS. GOOGLE ADSENSE  AND GOOGLE ADS

Facebook monthly active users have reached about 2 billion, one-fifth of the entire world population. So, producers, advertisers have access to the biggest advertising platform. Here, they can target their potential population with ease. Facebook users share their joys and accomplishments.  Moreover, they highlight their likes, dislikes, values, and personal interests. Thus, advertisers have the unique opportunity to tailor their customer-oriented content. Moreover, third-party brokers assist advertisers in reaching their lookalike audiences. Lookalike audiences are potential customers who exhibit the same interest and follow same consumption pattern.

So, all your potential customers are under one roof, isn’t this amazing?

Compelling Platform:

What are you attracted to Text, images or videos?

Experts always prefer videos and images.

Images, videos, and other visual content create inspiration. It compels the reader, user, and consumers towards the brand. Facebook visual ads are blended with videos and images. They create strong attire within consumers mind. Thus, attracting them and motivating them towards the aspirational advertisements.


Facebook Ads are not only impactful, but they are highly affordable for all business types. So, newbie’s who are in search of best, but budgeted advertising platform. Then, Facebook is the right choice for them. Facebook Ads competitive pricing features offer advertisers limited ad budget. Moreover, helps them increase their ROI.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most popular per pay click advertising platform. It focuses on targeted keywords and uses text-based advertisements. The advertiser bids on keywords and every time the user click on them; the advertiser is rewarded.

Let’s look into more detail:

Targets Large Audience

Google is known for its immense reach. If advertisers want to target any community around the globe; Google is producing awesome results. Consumers are becoming information savvy, and they tend to rely more on Google. According to research, 40,000 search queries are handled by Google every second.  Thus, Google is today’s extremely popular and sophisticated tool.  Google is the best and still producing accurate, reliable information.

Offers Variety Ad Formats

Generally, Google Ads are text-based but offers a variety of compelling and enticing features. Ad extensions, site links, and location targeting are customized services for advertisers. Moreover, shopping ads and location targeting are also winning new audiences.  Furthermore, Google has introduced formats which are enriched with high-resolution images and interactive map data. These formats are creating an extensive opportunity for advertisers to attract new audiences.

Comparison: Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads



Budget: Facebook Ads are 88% cheaper than Google AdSense. Thus, if users have low budget Facebook Ads should be their preferred choice.

Cost Per Click: The average Cost Per Click (CPC) for Facebook Ads was $0.28. However, Google AdSense average CPC was $2.32, thus making Google highly significant.  So, if you have a good budget, Google AdSense could be a good option.

Industry Size And Competition: For massive and fierce competition businesses, Google AdSense works well.  Moreover, companies whose competitors are adopting highly effective and efficient marketing strategies.  Then, saving some bugs will cost them a handful of loss. Moreover, Google AdSense is highly effective for large industry and fierce competition level.

Creating Brand Awareness:  Are you a newbie, stepped in the market, short of cash but want to promote your product in the market? In this case, Facebook Ads are your subsidy partners. You can reach your customers and create brand awareness. Moreover, you can create demand and make your brand popular too. The Facebook ad targets those users who have unknown need of your product.

Generate Leads: Similarly, those entrepreneurs who want to generate sales lead and earn revenues.  Within this scenario, AdSense would help them increase their revenue and generate leads. Users are searching their renowned brand, and AdSense knows well how to retain them. Google AdSense targets those users who have known the need and have a high level of intent to purchase their brand.

Target Specific Audience/ Large Audience: As mentioned above, Facebook tracks ‘lookalike’ audience, thereby, best in targeting specific demographic. A business that targets newly married couples, or new mothers; opt for Facebook. Facebook will help them target well; its powerful targeting capabilities that have won great revenues.  On the other hand, if they have a general product and focus large audiences, then AdSense would work best for them.

Conclusion: Google Vs. Facebook

So, let me narrow down my search in one go.

If you are enriched with a good budge, want to retain your customers, and have a brand reputation; choose Google AdSense. Moreover, if your customer is in the decision stage, and your brand is matured, still opt for AdSense. Similarly, if your product is not sensitive to demographic factors, stay with Google.

On the other hand, if you are a newbie, have a limited budget, and want to create awareness; go for Facebook Ads. Furthermore, if your product is insensitive to demographic factor and has a low brand affinity. Facebook would be your lifesaver.

But remember, both these platforms have their own credentials. Thus to attain greater results one can opt for both; Google and Facebook.

Imagine, if one platform outclasses competition level, what impact would they two both create?