How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme

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Bloggers often find themselves at the horns of a dilemma when it comes to the selection of the theme for the WordPress website. Selecting a loaded theme enables you to add features to your website. you can beautify your website by adding a lot of features and functionalities. However, the flip side of the coin is: it slows down the functioning of the website. To avoid that, you need to optimize your WordPress theme.


Design and functionality often become a catch-22 situation. Choosing one thing over the other might cost you something. Picking an elegant design might hamper the functioning and processing of your website. On the contrary, deciding on a plain design helps your website run faster at the cost of limited features and banal looks.


Besides, we all know that it is a nightmare for bloggers even to imagine that the WordPress website takes a long time to respond to a call. Well, this nightmare is justified for all the reasons. And that leads us to the need to optimizing WordPress theme so that neither the design nor the functionality of the website gets affected.

Optimize Your WordPress Theme

In this article, we have discussed a ten ways which can help you optimize your website theme.

  1. Pick a powerful hosting server

servers - How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme

Hosting server powers a website. A good hosting server is the first step towards making your website run faster and respond quicker. Only a good hosting server can support the structure of a website and help it stand composed. With dedicated hosting, you can pick a loaded theme and add as many features as you want to. The dedicated resources will help it run smoothly. On the contrary, VPS or shared server influence theme functionality negatively, leading it to load slowly.

2. Include Caching Plugin

caching plugin - How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme

Including caching Plugin is another measure which you can take to optimize the performance of your WordPress theme. One of the most useful Cache plugins is WP Super Cache; it can help you in enhancing the speed of your site.

We would suggest you to include caching plugins for a variety of pages. This will increase not only the speed but also allocate a distinctive speed for each page.

3. Optimize images

You can optimize WordPress theme by reducing the size of images on your website. You can compress images to lower resolution or crop them. Heavy images slow down the loading time of a website. This load time might compel the user to leave your website and jump to another website.

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4. Opting Content Delivery Network (CDN)

cloudflare cdn - How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme
Cloudflare CDN

Keeping heavy content at some other server CDN, which is located nearby, helps to boost the performance of your WordPress theme. It makes the data files available to be accessed by other servers throughout the world for easy loading of information.

5. Manage Plugins

Plugins are inevitable for WordPress websites, but we all know that they can slow down the loading time of your site. Therefore, we recommend you to use only those plugins which are really necessary for the proper functioning; and which are also compatible with your WordPress theme.

6. Limit Word Count

When users include a lot of text before the ‘more’ tag that poses a load to the theme and ultimately to the website. Limiting the number of words in an except can be done one by one manually as well as using a code. The lower word count will take lesser time to load, and it will eventually increase the performance of website theme.

7. Choose an optimized theme

starter theme by happythemes - How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme
starter theme by happythemes

In order to optimize WordPress theme, you can pick a theme which is already optimized and well-structured and which is capable of supporting an intricate functioning. A theme like AvadaDivi and Starter will not only increase the overall performance of the website but will also make it elegant and sophisticated.

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Websites are always looked upon as a means to carry profitable business on the global front; therefore, investing in a premium theme to get both design and functionality is not a bad investment.

8. Optimize Homepage

Your homepage creates the first impression for your visitors. Therefore, it is highly desirable and recommended that you design such a homepage which is not only attractive but also functions well. the homepage must load faster. You can optimize your homepage by following these tips:

  1. Display limited numbers of words for each article’s excerpt. Displaying a lot of words not only slows down the loading process but also gives a cluttered look.
  2. Limit the number of articles on each page
  3. If you don’t need a specific social media widget on your homepage, you must remove it. Because they not only take up space on your page design but also slow down the loading of the page
  4. Similarly, if you don’t need a particular plugin, you must remove it.

9. Select your features wisely

Just because a theme is offering a lot of features do not mean that you should enable and activate all of them. Enabling too many features on a theme affects the functioning of the website negatively. Instead, you must activate only those features which you need. A simple, elegant and neat approach to design contributes a great deal of value to its functioning. Having too much of everything is not always a good approach.

10. Delete spam comments

akismet plugin - How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme
akismet plugin

You will notice that your theme is way faster if you deleted those elements which eat up your resources. One of such elements is spam comments. You can delete spam comments by using the Akismet plugin that helps you block harmful comments.


Final Thoughts

Picking an attractive theme is a crucial matter for the website. A theme affects the functionality of a website, and it plays a vital role in deciding the future of a website. Therefore, it is very important to keep your theme optimization up to date so that it retains its popularity and performs well.

You can optimize your WordPress theme by following simple tips discussed in this article.