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If you are looking for the best, popular and an effective SEO tool; then SEMrush vs. Ahrefs is the best comparison. They both will help you improve your search engine traffic and help you increase your overall sales and revenues. But if you need to choose the right one for your business, you need in-depth analysis.

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As this post highlights in the following topics:

  • SEMrush vs. Ahrefs; function as an SEO tool
  • SEMrush and Ahrefs; Cons
  • Conclusion: SEMrush vs. Ahrefs

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SEMrush Vs. Ahrefs; Function As An SEO Tool

SEO tools help you conduct your keyword research so you may target the right keywords within your marketing strategy. This will help you generate a positive ROI and likely keep a close eye on your competitors too.

Moreover, SEO tools also help you keep an insight into your competitor’s backlinks. So if you want to compete effectively in the online world, you need to enroll in the best SEO tool. Thus, without these SEO tools, your survival rate is almost impossible.

Don’t be stressed out!

I will help you; choose the best SEO tool for your business. There are various SEO tools; all helping users reach a sublime position in the online market. Now, you must be wondering, the difference between SEMrush and Afrefs; the two best tools. So, let’s get in detail of the two tools.



Ahrefs is a backlink SEO tool. Thus, if you want to build quality backlinks and find unlimited link building opportunities, then Afrefs the best one you are looking for. Ahrefs is popular to provide accurate database live backlinks to its users.

So, if you are in need of backlink analysis, then Ahrefs faces no competitor. Want a proof?

Ahrefs daily crawls over 5 billion web pages and 600,000 users’ use it for SEO purposes.

So what do you say now?

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Let’s look into some of its tools.


Tools of Ahrefs

1.      Site Explorer

ahrefs site explorer - SEMRUSH VS. AHREFS [A COMPLETE REVIEW 2018]


This feature gives you detail analysis of backlinks, traffic, and keywords of website URL. Furthermore, it will help you compare your own backlink information with your competitors. The site explorer feature enabled backlink checker tool, organic traffic research tool and paid traffic research tool. Isn’t it worth the investment?

2.      Content Explorer

content explorer - SEMRUSH VS. AHREFS [A COMPLETE REVIEW 2018]

This feature helps you research content on any topic; keeping in mind information on backlinks, organic traffic, and social shares. It helps you search what kind of content you need to attract more backlinks and social shares. Thus, it will help you analyze the backlinks of the topic. Most importantly, it will help you find and create high-quality link content in your niche.

3.      Keyword Explorer

keyword explorer - SEMRUSH VS. AHREFS [A COMPLETE REVIEW 2018]

The right keyword strategy helps you increase your overall search engine traffic so you may enjoy high sales and revenues. This feature helps you target the right keyword, and attain keyword difficulty information. Most importantly, it provides the volume of those keywords. Thus, you know which targeted keywords help you rank higher in Google research results.

4.      Site Audit


This feature helps you resolve all your SEO issues. They identify not only the dead or broken links but also highlight site related information.

Moreover, AHREFS also assists users in position tracker facility, domain comparison, and Ahrefs alerts.

So what do you think now?

Now, let’s move to the other SEO tool; SEMrush.



Likewise, Ahrefs, SEMrush is a highly recommendable and reliable SEO tool. SEMrush not only helps you conduct competitor’s analysis but helps you find the most relevant keywords.

Moreover, it helps you conduct site audits, domain comparison and fix all your site issues. Furthermore, it helps you generate heavy traffic by creating link building opportunities.

Now, let’s look into some of the tools SEMrush is offering.

1.      Keyword Research

semrush keyword - SEMRUSH VS. AHREFS [A COMPLETE REVIEW 2018]

Keyword research is the most important and crucial element in the online world. Although various tools are contributing their services amongst them, SEMrush stands out. This SEO tool will help you increase your traffic and sales through its effective web performance indicators.

2.      Competitor’s Analysis

competitor analysis semrush - SEMRUSH VS. AHREFS [A COMPLETE REVIEW 2018]

Do you want to spy on your competitor’s traffic, backlink sources, and keyword research? SEMrush will help you find authentic traffic, best keywords in your niche and backlink sources.  Moreover, it will help you figure out the most trending topics in your domain.

3.      Full Audit Site

semrush domain analytics - SEMRUSH VS. AHREFS [A COMPLETE REVIEW 2018]

SEMrush is highly efficient is providing site audit feature. This will not only check the overall SEO health of your site but will track your sites SEO progress. Moreover, it will highlight SEO issues and make a recommendation by prioritizing the issues.

Isn’t this, what you have always wanted?

An SEO tool that helps you increase your SEO activities. Moreover, keep a close eye on your competitors too.

SEMrush vs. Ahrefs; Pricing


SEMrush pricing is listed below

semrush pricing plans - SEMRUSH VS. AHREFS [A COMPLETE REVIEW 2018]


Ahrefs Pricing:

ahrefs pricing - SEMRUSH VS. AHREFS [A COMPLETE REVIEW 2018]

SEMrush vs. Ahrefs; Cons

SEM rush and Ahrefs are highly compatible SEO tools, but its limitations cannot be ignored.

SEMrush Limitations:

  • Its backlink analysis tool is still in beta mode and does not offer deep analysis.
  • Navigation is highly problematic.
  • It is not user-friendly due to its complications.
  • It does not offer SERP analysis.
  • The user interface makes the tool more cluttered and complicated.
  • According to some users, it is not reliable as compared to its cost.

Ahrefs Limitations

  • It is not the most user-friendly tool and likely has to enroll ample time to produce results.
  • It’s an expensive research tool, expensive for newbies.

Fails to provide a competitive support system

  • Its keyword analyzer lacks competitiveness
  • It still needs to work on Website auditing and PPC optimization

Conclusion: SEMrush Vs. Ahrefs

SEMrush and Afrefs are both the best SEO tools. They both are offering reliable, accurate services but in a different domain.

I can conclude the above research finding; by prioritizing both in different categories.

If you are in search of the best keyword research tool; then SEMrush serves well. It will help you find the best keyword research and help you compete effectively with your competitors. Moreover, it will help you generate the best content ideas.

On the other hand, if you are looking for backlink analysis SEO tool; you need Ahrefs. It provides users with the best competitive backlink analysis.

So, if you ask my opinion, I would opt for both. Since both offer different niche within SEO services.

Rest, the decision lies in your hands.

Afrefs or SEMrush OR Both!

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