Social Media Packages and Pricing Guide 2018

social media packages and pricing

Nowadays this World is becoming rapidly Social.  Marketing companies are turning to social media to capture and engage potential clients. As we all know that social media marketing has become essential for us but before taking decision for social media marketing its important to know how much can we spend on it.

In this handy guide, we will tell you all about social media ads pricing models, average costs and spending on social media networks and much more.

Social Media packages and pricing

In over last ten years, Social Media has been continuously gaining popularity and they have become highly effective for marketing purposes nowadays. By staying tuned with Social media you can connect with current and potential clients. It also allows you to develop relationships with them and also encourage them to avail your products and services.

Social Media Pricing

When it comes to social media marketing, most of the people want to know how much it will cost to them? Well, the answer depends on several factors including your team as well. The experience of your employees and the plan you choose for keeping engage with the customer’s and the numbers of social media networks you use for marketing your services and products played a vital key role in this. Signing up for an account on social media networks is free of cost.

Everyone can create a business Facebook page or a Twitter account hence, social media monitoring can be very time-consuming. It may also be very difficult to find out specific Staff who has the ability experience and working knowledge to properly manage your social media networks accounts. If he could not manage accordingly and execute correctly then social media campaign will be highly costly for your Brand.

On this page, we will take a look at how much you have to pay to market your business on each social media networks.

Facebook Marketing

facebook ads pricing - Social Media Packages and Pricing Guide 2018

Facebook is the most famous social channel, having more than one billion daily active users. To target the huge audience for your business, it is a great platform for you to market your business effectively and get your customers easily.

The cost of marketing by using Facebook is almost nothing. You will need to set up a Facebook account and select your required paid plan to market your business. There are a few options from which you can select your favorite marketing plan.

Let’s take a look how much does it cost to market your business on Facebook

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Facebook ads Pricing

facebook ads graphics - Social Media Packages and Pricing Guide 2018
Source: Wordstream

You can create paid ads on Facebook by optimizing your ads and achieve goals including:

  1. Page likes
  2. Clicks to website
  3. Website conversions
  4. App installs

And more

Facebook gives you different options to manage your ad costs. For example, you will have the option to set a budget for your campaign. There are also other two options of CPM and CPC models which you can select.


In CPM Model, you make an ad for 1000 users views. And on every click on your ad, the CPM takes the specific amount.

The amount of the CPM Model depends upon your goals and audience. The average rate of CPC model and varies and was $0.27 in 2015.

Facebook likes

If you want more likes on your Facebook page, Facebook gives you the facility of getting more likes by using paid ads. The average rate of getting each Facebook is almost $1.

Boosted Posts

Facebook also provides you the facility to boost your existing favorite post and show them to the more users by paying some amount to Facebook.

The CPM model is used to charge for the boosted posts. And costs depends upon the targeted audience which you want to show. The average cost of this can be $6.35 per 1000 views.

Twitter Marketing

twitter ads - Social Media Packages and Pricing Guide 2018

Twitter is also completely free to set up a business account on Twitter like Facebook. But if you want to reach more people you do not have the option to pay Twitter ads. Let’s take a look on few options here.

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If you want to show your tweet to the more peoples, you can do this by promoting your tweets. Which will show to your users as “promoted” tweets.

The average rate to promote your tweets, you will need to pay almost $1.35 according to the replies, clicks, and retweets.

twitter vs facebook - Social Media Packages and Pricing Guide 2018
source: WordStream

To get boost brand awareness and want to get more followers, the “promoted accounts facility is a great option for you to get this.

It depends upon your targeted audience too. The average rate you will need to pay for this will be almost $2.50- $4 per follower.

A great option to market your business is“Promoted Trends in twitter. But it requires a larger budget for it. It appears at the top of the list and usually shows as “promoted”.

For around $200,000 per day, you can place a bid on specific keywords so your promoted trend appears at the top of the list.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is also a great social media channel to market your business and provides brand awareness effectively and efficiently which costs almost nothing just like Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn Ads Pricing

linked ads pricing - Social Media Packages and Pricing Guide 2018

LinkedIn provides you the facility of sidebar ads which displays next to your users’ news feed and pages which they visit. You can create more than 15 different Linked ads based on the 25-character headline and 75-character description.

Just like Facebook, It has CPC and CPM. When anyone shows your ad and click on it, you need to pay the LinkedIn some amount. While the minimum bid is $2, LinkedIn recommends that you bid at least $5.55 – $9.33.

If you decide to use the CPM model, you must submit a minimum bid of $2, but LinkedIn suggests you bid at least $2.85 – $4.62.

Instagram Marketing Pricing

instagram ads - Social Media Packages and Pricing Guide 2018

Instagram marketing is absolutely free for all the users to market their business very freely and easily. The Instagram ads appeared to users as “Sponsered posts”.

The “Facebook ad manager” is the medium to advertise your business on Instagram.

The average rate to pay for every thousand views for your Instagram photos will be almost $6.07.

The average rate to pay for every thousand views for your Instagram videos will be almost $3.


For your business marketing, social media channels play a vital role to market your business effectively and almost free. The rates of every social media channel are very cheaper than any other platform. Social media provides you as a blogger with a cost-effective marketing channel for your business.