Tiered Link Building [A Complete Guide] 2018

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Tiered link building is a core SEO strategy that is gaining popularity. Every online company wants to apply tiered link building strategy to outrank their competitors.

Creating high-quality content, optimizing images, and building backlinks are essential. However, you need something extra to win the lottery.

Thus, you need to apply the tiered link building strategy.

Moreover, you must be aware that tiered link building helps you build page rank. Similarly, it helps your pass link juice. As a result, your site is ranked higher among various search engines.

But is this process that simple? Or does it sound complicated to you?

Don’t be stressed out!

I have talked about SEO link building strategies and Off Page SEO  earlier, the details of which you can read in these articles:

This post will help you resolve all your questions:

  • What is tiered link building?
  • Method to set a tiered link building strategy?
  • Outcome of the tiered link building?

Let’s not waste any more time, and get things started.

What Is Tiered Link Building?

Tiered link building is a simple process of building links under your links. Generally, you build 2 or 3 link tiers to pass link juice to your links.

However, to be effective its best to build 3 link tier; the greater, the better.  But let’s not takes things more complicated. In this post, I will help you achieve competitiveness in second tier link. I believe its’ the most important tier; as it is responsible for link juice.

Before we go any further, let me clarify you.

Tiered link building should not be the only strategy you should use in your SEO link building. It does not harm you but entirely relying on it will not help you achieve maximum. So, concentrate on unique content. Along with that, enroll tiered link building strategy.

Tiered link building is when you create links to empower other links. Whether you adopt a 2 tier strategy or 3 tier strategy, the essence is to transfer all the link juice to your main site. This strategy is used by webmaster and SEO agents to create high-quality backlink structure. Thereby, to achieve competitiveness without being penalized by Google is crucial yet significant.

So are you ready to adopt this strategy?

Method To Set A Tiered Link Building Strategy?

You write a blog post for a publication, and within that blog post, you include a backlink to your website. That is creating backlinking. Now, you share your guest blog post on your social media accounts. This is second tier linking.

Was that complicated?


Let’s go into more detail.

Second tier link is not only applicable to social media. But, any online site that links to your back-link guest post is second tier link.

There is no hidden tactic behind setting a tiered link building strategy. You just need expertise and knowledge to do things. Expertise you will attain when handling it yourself. On the other hand, knowledge is what you will attain here, within this post.

Tiered 3 link

If you wish to create tiered 3 links you need to put a little extra effort. These links are generally low-quality article submission directories consisting of 200-300 words published on different blogs.

You don’t have to create those 200-300 words content. Instead, you can buy them from cheap links from spam sites. They are generally low-quality content, but you don’t have to worry about that.

All you have to worry about; Google’s penguin penalty. The requirement in tier 3 link is to build huge volumes. Generally, auto-generated comments are used, but article directories, bookmarks, web 2.0 wikis, microblogs, guest books, and statistic sites and document comments are used as tier 3 links.

Remember; tier 3 just focuses on quantity and not quality. So focus on tier 2 and tier 1.

Tiered link building example - Tiered Link Building [A Complete Guide] 2018

Tiered 2 link

To be serious, you need to put extra effort in tiered 2 links. You need to create tier 2 blogs and use WordPress, Wix and other web.20 to create free blogs. WordPress is your savior at this time. Tier 2 content quality should be focused; you need relevant and good quality content.

wordpress blogs - Tiered Link Building [A Complete Guide] 2018

Remember; here I mentioned good quality, not high quality. Tier 2 is important, and thus you need to focus on page ranking and domain authority. In tier 2 article directories, blog and image comments and web directories, links can be included. Moreover, social bookmarks and high PR blog networks like Rank Solver and ALN could be the best place to place your blogs.

Here is Wix blog example;

wix blog - Tiered Link Building [A Complete Guide] 2018

Its best to place live URL on these sites but in case it doesn’t appear, at least the backlink is created.

Second-Tier link building is highly effective, as it is the best way to drive traffic to your first- tier link and ultimately your website. So, to achieve maximum, start sharing all your guest posts with backlinks on various social media sites. Furthermore, request for share and focus on guest blogging. These 2 tier links will generate your traffic, leads, increase your domain authority and eventually help you achieve high revenues and profits.

So isn’t this what you are striving for?

tiered link building - Tiered Link Building [A Complete Guide] 2018


Tired link building helps you rank higher among various search engines. Isn’t that what you strive for?

But let’s see how?

Second tier links are highly beneficial for your business. Every other online company is adopting this SEO strategy to attain success. This strategy is helping them create a name for their website and their business.

Do you want to be known in this competitive world? Do you want your website to be famous among your users and competitors? Do you want your consumers to reach your site? If yes, then tiered link building is your essential need.

Second tier links help you generate traffic on your site.

When you write a guest post and include a backlink within your guest post. All the traffic goes to that specific guest post and eventually to your site. Thus, the second tier link is generating traffic and leads.

Moreover, if you have written good quality content, there is a greater chance your guest post is promoted by other publication. Moreover, they may link your blog post to their social media channels. But this crucially depends on your content’s quality. Above all, search engines trust those links that produce a high-quality piece of content.

So, never compromise on your content. Make it relevant and unique.

Remember, scattering links on your website, or on other websites or on various social media sites will benefit you. Every click will benefit your site and similarly your blog post.

Just creating second tier link is not going to help you win; you need to check its effectiveness. To check its effectiveness, check your websites domain authority, and compare it with your competitors.  Thus, the second tier; indirectly help you increase your websites domain authority.

Conclusion remarks

If this tiered link building SEO strategy has generated traffic for various online businesses, would it be beneficial for you too?

I believe it is an effective strategy and right tactic can help you achieve success. Experts all over the world favor tiered link building.

Now, either Adopt It And Win It OR Ignore It And Lose It!

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