Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

digital marketing tools

Marketing tools and strategies have greatly evolved over the last decade. The early marketing strategies highly focused on reaching a maximum audience but the right marketing approach does not only focuses on a large number of an audience but also reaching the right and relevant customers.

In the current era, customer data has become vital to marketing companies in order to model their marketing strategies. The data collected through social media analytics is in high demand which is acquired by digital marketing companies to help them target customers based on matching characteristics of the service and the customer.

Top Digital Marketing Tools

Online digital marketing tools have been constantly developed and improved over time. Having the right set of tools is very important for effective marketing. We have compiled a list of the top 10 marketing tools in terms of features and services that are available in 2018.


trello - Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

Trello is a free collaboration network for project management. Trello helps you make a project in the form of ‘Boards’  and lets you create checklists in form of ‘Cards’. Creating a team on Trello hardly takes minutes. It lets you share and collaborate your marketing activities so all the team remains on the same page.

The project environment is dynamic so everyone remains updated. You can publish or review updates from other members. Trello provides easy to navigate interface and includes features such as Drag and drop, task customization, reminders, active notifications, event or activity log along with the SSL encryption.


hootsuite - Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

Hootsuite is an all in one social media marketing platform. It lets you manage multiple social media accounts from one place. Hootsuite’s dashboard supports popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. You can manage and keep track of your social media accounts in one place rather than wasting time by accessing each one separately. Hootsuite’s free version provides the basic features such as posting, basic analytics, liking and sharing etc but users can also opt for the premium version with extra features.


mailchimp featured - Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

In terms of ROI (Return on Investment), email marketing provides one of the highest returns as compared to other digital marketing approaches. MailChimp is the most reliable and proved email marketing tool. MailChimp eases your email marketing plan by automating Email services with an easy to use design. It also supports third-party integrations from social platforms. The free plan includes service to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month which can be extended in the premium version.


hubspot - Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

Hubspot an all in one marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that has made its name as one of the best free digital marketing tool available. Mainly focused on Business and Customer relationship management, it includes just about every feature so users don’t have to go through different services for different tasks. The core and basic features such as Blogging, SEO Management, Email services, Analytics, and Social media management come free with Hubspot.

Google Analytics

Monitoring and keeping track of user data helps businesses learn a great deal about their customers. Google Analytics is an easy to use service that can be easily integrated in your website and results in detailed statistics and reports of websites user activities. Data captured from Google analytics keywords and user interactions can be very valuable for feature marketing.


buzzsumo - Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

Buzzsumo is a rich content filtering tool that lets users filter out the most trending topics in their specific niches. Buzzsumo gives you a good idea about what’s currently hot in the market to what audience. These useful insights can help you modify your content accordingly. You can use Buzzfeed to search keywords, phrases, and terms to identify what topic is performing well with what audience. It has an easy layout that can come handy even for beginners.


crazyeggs - Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

Crazyegg is a very useful tool to obtain information about how the users interact with your website. For maximum outreach and to learn what the users like or not on the website can help improve how the content is displayed on the website. Useful insights such as user heat maps, targeting, mouse recording, user feedback can be very useful to design new marketing designs which can ultimately result in better interaction with the company and the customers.

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ahrefs - Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

Ahrefs lets you learn more about your competitors. With a huge amount of data, the search engine helps you analyze what keywords and content are being used by competing for websites that are driving most of the traffic. This data can be useful to determine what is or could be wrong with your strategy on reaching the customers. Ahrefs provides tools such as Keyword research, backlink research, rank tracking, and monitoring so you can have detailed analytics for your niche.

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moz local - Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

To launch a successful marketing campaign, it is important that the advertisement reaches to the customer and does not get lost in the black hole of the internet. And to make sure of that, it is important that your service or product be ranked on the top search engines on the internet. Moz Local is a free search listing management tool that focuses on setting your content correctly and consistently on major search engines such as Google. Through Moz Local you can check on how your websites reach to your customers, under

what keywords. Are they correct or not? It includes free features like Organic rank tracking, SEO recommendations, keyword values etc to help you make a more search engine friendly website.


Google Keywords Planner

google keyword planner - Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

Its important for the marketing advertisement to be ranked on the top search results of the widely used search engines such as Google. For this Google has developed its very own Google keywords planner. Companies can maintain their own visibility to the customers by ranking their content on top results.

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The tool helps in determining the best keywords, terms, and phrases that produce the most relevant results and attracts customers. You can use Google keywords planner to identify the keywords that produce the desired results for your niche and hence customize your content accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The sound knowledge of most used Digital marketing tools and services is important for investors in the current market. Advertisers and developers can easily research and manage their marketing plans with the tools mentioned above.

Although it is important to learn how to utilize these tools in their respective areas to achieve maximum results.