VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting

vps hosting vs shared hosting


Did you know that web hosting has the muscle to make or break your website? Why? Well, it houses your website and fetches it whenever a user searches your website. Imagine what an embarrassment it would bring if the web host doesn’t invoke your website.

We have talked at length about the significance of a good web host in our blog.

VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting

This article will talk about:

  • Features of VPS Hosting
  • Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting
  • Features of Shared Hosting
  • Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting
  • Features of Dedicated Hosting
  • Pros and Cons of Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

We will be starting our comparison with Virtual Personal Server i-e VPS web hosting, which is a relatively new form of web hosting but its popularity has grown a lot in recent years.

A data center houses a physical server. And the location of the data server is decided by the hosting server which you are using. The physical server is divided into many portions like operating system, bandwidth, and disc space. VPS is one of the components of the server. Although, this server is composed of multiple VPSs- dedicated or shared. A VPS can act as a dedicated server without having to pay for the dedicated server, and it can also be customized as per your requirements.


  • A VPS is cost friendly as compared to the full-fledged dedicated server.
  • A VPS is flexible, and therefore you can customize it to your liking
  • You only have to pay for those features which you need.
  • VPS extends maximum control over your hosting environment.
  • The size of a VPS can expand with your website as its server needs an increase.
  • The support staff of VPS is quite helpful if you need any technical support.

“recommended VPS hosting is DreamVPS

deamvps hosting - VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting


  • VPS is a lot more expensive than shared hosting but cheaper than dedicated.
  • In case your website is not profitable, you might want to switch to a cheaper hosting package. Switching would require you to have a grip on knowledge, and it also demands your efforts.
  • It is quite likely that your current host doesn’t allocate your resources effectively and this might owing to the smaller market size of VPS.
  • Some servers might compromise their hosting service by overselling hoping that the website would bring that much traffic. When it comes to choosing VPS, make your choice wisely.
  • Features are be limited, owing to sharing
  • It is not as customizable as a dedicated server
  • Shared Hosting

Another popular web hosting is shared hosting. It is ideal for people who are new to website building. Through shared hosting, it is possible to utilize multiple websites on a single server. The server resources have a defined limit for each customer based on hosting package he has subscribed. Shared hosting is light on pocket i-e it is economical and cheap.

Our Recommendation goes for Hostager for Shared Hosting:

hostgator - VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting


  • Shared hosting does not pose a burden on pocket. It is the most reasonable and affordable web hosting.
  • One of the reasons which make shared hosting desirable is its availability of multilevel hosting. This allows you to upgrade hosting package with time.
  • Through an inbuilt cPenal, it is quite convenient to manage your website using shared hosting.
  • Shared hosting is hassle-free as it does not require you to carry out technical maintenance to the server; as your hosting package takes care of this.
  • Since you can always upgrade to another hosting package with time, as per your budget, you don’t remain stuck with one level of hosting forever.
  • Shared hosting has solid uptime.


  • With shared hosting, the loading time can be slower as compared to dedicated hosting.
  • Due to sharing, the server can become overloaded by other sites, therefore, compromising the speed of the website.
  • Because of overcrowding and high traffic, the website hosted by the shared host will perform poorly.
  • You cannot get the optimum level of performance for your website due to the absence of customization options.


  • Dedicate Hosting

A dedicated server is a server which is specifically dedicated to just one user. That allows you to benefit from all the resources available. You can customize your hosting environment as per your needs and requirements. However, this is obviously a lot more of an expensive option than a virtual private server.

When the demand of website is techie tech, and of premium quality, dedicated servers step in. When the website crosses a certain level of growth, like when the visitors exceed 500,000 each month, VPS and shared server collapse, that is where dedicated server step in. Dedicated servers are ideal for highly resource extensive e-commerce, websites with media streaming and application that requires custom software installation.

we recommend Bluehost dedicated hosting:

bluehost - VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting


  • Dedicated servers provide a secure, reliable and customizable hosting solution; both in terms of hardware and software.
  • It provides you complete control over your server
  • The disk space or bandwidth resources are quite big
  • Since it is not shared, therefore anyone else’s server does not affect you


  • You’ll need technical and proficient staff for maintenance and optimization of your server.
  • Because of its high tech, beginners might find it difficult to set up
  • The cost of the dedicated server is way too much as compared to VPS

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to choosing the right host, there is no one answer. Each hosting web has its benefits and baggage, and they cater to a different category of users. Users can find a right hosting web according to their own needs and requirements. Dedicated hosting is ideal for websites with heavy traffic and a broad online store. VPS and shared hosting are ideal for smaller websites who have cost constraints.